10 Tricks for Reducing Stress

Here are some suggestions for reducing the feeling of stress while in a stressful situation.

Focus on breathing. (Anyone who went through childbirth usind Lamaze can attest to this method’s effectiveness.) You can also take a drink – this will help you slow down to take deap breathes (between sips).
Take a vacation. Get out of the environment the induces stress for some time to relax and rejuvenate.
Distract yourself with something productive like housework, gardening, art, volunteering…
Focus your attention on someone else. Read a book to a child, take a dog for a walk, go on an outing with someone who would benefit from your attention.
Release the pent up energy with exercise. Do aerobics, go running, dance, play a sport.
Concentrate on soothing music – slow and meaningful or fast and cheerful.
Talk to someone and vent your feelings. Try not to just relive the negative experience through ranting though.
Eat something nourishing if hunger is adding to your stress.
Get some quality rest and/or sleep in a quiet dark room. If you need to set an alarm clock, don’t look at it for at least 15 minutes.
Pray. Prayer allows you to place your burdens in the lap of a Higher Power. This can be very reassuring, whether you are religious or not.