Avoid Stress By Learning to Get Along With Your Work Team

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It’s no secret that a big cause of stress for many working professionals is the team that they associate with at work. Think about it – you come into work and you have someone there that you don’t get along with – your stomach tenses up. And this will go on throughout the whole day – after all it’s not like we can escape from our work colleagues the same way we can escape from other people who are causing negativity in our life.

Nope – not a chance. Instead these people are around us – and the toxicity is stored inside of us. So what do we do. Many people will simply say change jobs, or just avoid the person – and to some extent that can be helpful if you work in a large company and maintaining distance is not an issue – however for others this is not practical as they work in a smaller company and not only that – in many instances they have to actively work with the person they have an issue with.

The good news is that in the case that you either have a small company or you have to actively work with the person that you have an issue with there is a solution – and that solution is conducting a team building activity. What you will find is that when you are forced to work with the person or people that you may have an issue with – actively overcoming some kind of challenge that what will happen is that you will build a common bond with them and learn to respect and value them as members of the team.

Remember – not everyone is going to like each other – but as a team respect and mutual understanding is very important. It is hard to not judge others in your company – especially those you may not get along with – and coming up with bias is extremely easy.

However with team building sydney chatswood activities what will happen is that you will slowly and surely learn to respect them – and from mutual respect a friendship is possible. One thing that we have found – if your company does not wish to employ the services of a team building company is to try and take the opportunity when working with a person to learn how your own reactions work and how you can avoid falling prey to your unconscious reactions – remember work is a huge contributor of stress towards people and finding a way around it is very important.

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