How does Dental Care Affect Your Mental Health?

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The link between dental care and mental health has not been studying much – however it bears looking into. To be sure – and let me clarify – when I talk about this connection I am not talking about being stressed out and having a bad day because your tooth hurts. This is bad no doubt. No – what I am talking about is the psychological impacts of deep teeth issues that may not be entirely visible to the patient.

What many people may not know is that interestingly enough – our gums are actually intricately connected to the brain – it is a small part of soft tissues – part of a small group called the arakmaditas that is close to the brain – a very small and exclusive group. So the question is – how does our diet affect our overall mood when it comes to just the teeth – and how important is teeth care really?

You will find that tooth care is extremely important – and there would be no dentist that would disagree with you – but you would be equally surprised that it has an affect on the brain that you may not even be aware of.

The study of the link between dental care and mental health is unfortunately a very new field.

When it comes to mental health especially in Australia you will find a high suicide rate amongst men – actually this is not exclusive to Australia only. Everywhere in the Western world the male suicide rate is much higher than women. When we look at the diets of men and women that may give us a clue – but a big potential factor is the way both sexes are raised as well as their natural proclivities to certain behavioural patterns and activities.

Men are taught and trained to not talk about their feelings as much as women – all though how much of this is nature and how much is nurture is something to be debated. What is important is to continue to research this gap – find out if there are any links between gum disease and men’s diets and women’s – and continue working to ensure that every member of society is able to enjoy a happy life.

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